Assignment Preferences

The Assignment Preferences page enables you to set preferences for each of your tests and activities. The preferences you choose apply to all of your classes.

To set your assignment preferences:

  1. In the Answer choice style list, select one of the following styles if you do not want to use the default setting of A. B. C. ... for online test answers:

  1. Click to clear the Include audio if available check box, if you do not want to include audio links.

  2. In the Limit number of activity assignments list, select the maximum number of remediation activities per non-mastered skill that you want the system to assign to your students.

  3. Click to clear any of the following activity types if you want to exclude your students from receiving this type of remediation activity:

  4. Audio

  5. Video

  6. Game

  7. Worksheet

  8. Tutorial

  1. Click Save to save your assignment preferences.

Changes to assignment preferences apply only to Success Tracker assignments that are made after you change the preferences on this page.

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