Managing Assignments

The My Assignment List page shows you a list of activities and tests that you assigned to the selected class or group.

Activities and tests are listed by start date, with the most recent start date listed first. Click a different column header to re-sort the list.

To view a list of assignments for a class or group:

  1. On your home page, click Assignments.


On your My Classes and Groups page, click View in the Assignments column for the class assignment list you want to view.


On your top navigation menu, click Classes. Select Manage classroom assignments.

The My Assignment List page appears.

  1. In the Class/Group list, select a class or group, if necessary.

  2. To view assignments for another class, select the class name from the Class/Group list.

The class list is sorted by the period number followed by the class name.

To view current and expired classes or groups:

To preview an activity or test:

To view students who are assigned to an activity or test:


Use the My Assignment List page to assign tests, assign activities, specify assignment preferences, and delete assignments. Before specifying an assignment preference or assigning a test or activity, you must first select the activity on the My Assignment List page.

To delete an assignment:

  1. Select the assignment you want to delete. You cannot delete an assignment that has been completed by a student.

  2. Click Delete assignment. A confirmation message appears.

  3. Click OK. The My Assignment List page appears with a message confirming the deletion.

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