Assigning Tests

When you assign a test, your first step is to search for the specific test you want to assign. Then, select the test you want to assign from the list shown.

To select the test you want to assign:

  1. On your home page, click Assignments.


On your My Classes and Groups page, click View in the Assignments column for the class assignment list you want to view.


On your top navigation menu, click Classes. Select Manage classroom assignments.

The My Assignment List page appears.

  1. In the Class/Group list, select a class or group, if you have not specified a class or group.

  2. Click Assign tests.

  3. Select a product and a test type from the lists and click Go.

  4. In the list of tests, select the check box for the test you want to assign and click Next.

Before selecting a test to assign, ensure it is the correct test by using one of the following methods:

  1. Assign the test to selected students or an entire class or group.

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