Specifying Test Preferences and Students

When you assign a test, your must search for and select the test you want to assign, specify the test preferences, and select students.

Test preferences include the following:

Remediation activities are not assigned if you:

To specify test preferences and select students:

  1. In the Start date field, type the start date using the mm/dd/yyyy format. Today's date is the default start date.

  2. Select Include remediation to automatically assign practice activities for skills your students did not master after taking the test.

  3. If you want to assign the test to the entire class or group, click Assign to the entire class/group and click Finish.


If you want to assign the test to specific students in the class or group, click Select students, select the students, and click Finish.

You can assign the same test to a student multiple times and that student can take the test multiple times. SuccessNet maintains separate results for each instance of the test assignment.

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