Viewing or Editing Assignment Details

Use the Assignment Details page to:

To view or edit the details of an assignment:

  1. On your home page, click Go to Assignments.


On your My Classes and Groups page, click View in the Assignments column for the class assignment list you want to view.


On your top navigation menu, click Classes. Select Manage classroom assignments.

The My Assignment List page appears.

  1. In the Class/Group list, select a class or group, if you have not specified a class or group.

  2. In the Assigned to column of the assignment you want to view or edit, click the All Students or Selected Students link. The Assignment Details page appears.

It displays the current preferences selected for an assignment.

  1. To change any of these preferences, make your selections and click Save.

Changes you make to the assignment preferences do not apply to students who have already completed the assignment.

To add or remove students from an assignment:

  1. Select or clear the appropriate check boxes next to the student names.

  2. Click Save.

You can only remove a student who has not started or completed the assignment. After you remove a student, the check box for that student is disabled.

To enter or edit a student’s test scores:

Also, use Score/Re-score when a test includes items that need to be manually scored.

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