My Classes and Groups

The My Classes and Groups page displays all of the classes and groups that you created. In addition, you can create a class/group from the My Classes and Groups page.

You can easily navigate to view the assignments, reports, notices, or roster associated with each class/group. Click View in each column to perform different actions:

Current and Expired Classes and Groups

If you select the Display expired classes/groups check box, the class list includes both current and expired classes. All classes and groups are Current by default. At the end of a school year, the status of all Current classes and groups is automatically changed to Expired.

To change the status of a class or group from Current to Expired:

  1. On your home page, click Go to Class/Group Management.


On your top navigation menu, select Classes and then click Manage Classes.

  1. On the My Classes and Groups page, click a class or group name to view the related details. The Class/Group Details page appears.

  2. Click Expired to change the status of the class or group.

  3. Complete other changes to the class or group details as needed.

  4. Click Save. The class or group now shows as Expired in the My Classes and Groups table.

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