Creating a Class or Group

Classes and groups are the building blocks of SuccessNet. After you have registered and logged in using your user name and password, you must create classes or groups.

To create a class or group:

  1. On your home page, click Go to Class/Group Management, then click Create a class.


On your top navigation menu, select Classes, then click Build a new class. The Enter Class/Group Details page appears.

  1. In the Class/Group name field, type the name of the class or group. This is a required field.

  2. In the Period number field, type the class period.

  3. In the Section ID field, type the class section.

  4. Select the available products that are associated with this class or group.

  5. Click Save. The new class or group appears in the class list on the My Classes and Groups page.

  6. Click Create a class/group to add another class or group to the list.

The My Classes and Groups table has the following columns:

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