Checking for Duplicate Students in a Multiple Student Upload

Each student in your school should exist only one time in SuccessNet.

If some of your students have been added by another teacher or through a school roster upload performed by an administrator, duplicate records might exist.

When you add or upload students, SuccessNet notifies you if a student with the same name already exists. The Check for Duplicate Students page appears. For every student whose name appears more than once on your school roster, you have three possible options:

To add a student to SuccessNet:

  1. Under Student you entered, select the student you entered in SuccessNet.


Under Already existing students, select the existing student that you are adding to your class.

  1. Click Save.

Adding an existing student to your class or group does not affect the student's status in other classes or groups.

To decline adding a student to SuccessNet:

  1. Click Do not add if you do not want to add the student you entered in SuccessNet or any of the existing students.

  1. Click Save.

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