Uploading a Class Roster

SuccessNet makes it easy for you to add students to a class. If you have a text file listing the students in a particular class, you can upload that file to SuccessNet instead of adding each student individually.

Before You Begin

Your students might already be SuccessNet users if:

If there is a chance that your students already exist, you can add them to your class by clicking Select from school roster on the Class/Group Roster page.

To upload a class roster:

  1. On your home page, click Go to Class/Group Management.


On your top navigation menu, select Classes and then click Manage classes. The My Classes and Groups page appears.

  1. In the Roster column, click View for the class roster you want to view. The Class/Group Roster page appears.

  2. Click Upload my roster. The Upload Class/Group Roster page appears.

  3. Click For help creating a text file, click here. The Creating a Text File page appears.  

  4. Click the Excel Worksheet link to download a template spreadsheet that you can use as your starting point.

  5. Click Print to print the instructions.

  6. Open your downloaded worksheet and save it as a Unicode text (.txt) file. To help you remember which spreadsheet belongs to which class, we recommend using your class name in the file name. Note: In general, spaces are accepted; however, do not use spaces at the beginning or end of a file name.

  7. Type the information for each student in your class in a separate row in the spreadsheet.  

  8. Save the spreadsheet as a text (.txt) file.

  9. Close the Creating a Text File page. The Upload Class/Group Roster page appears.

  10. Click Browse, select your file, and click OK.

  11. Click Upload file. If there are no errors or duplicates, a confirmation page displays the student roster spreadsheet.

Note: SuccessNet validates the text file and displays any errors so that you can correct them before uploading. SuccessNet also notifies you if students with the same names already exist. If duplicates are found, you will be prompted to select the existing student or create a new account.

  1. Click Save to complete the upload.

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