Classroom Test Reports - Test Scores

This Class Test Scores report shows an overview of your students' test scores. This report is divided into three main sections:

Student Name

In the Student Name column, all students currently enrolled in the selected class or group are listed in alphabetical order.

In the Average % Student Scores column, the average percent test score for each student is shown using the proficiency legend colors. The cell colors reflect the proficiency level of the percentage score and correlate to the proficiency legend.

To view a student’s progress report:

Tests by Date Assigned

In the Tests by date assigned section, each test you assigned displays as a linked column header. The name shown in the header is the actual date the test was made available to students.

To view test results:

  1. In a column header, move your mouse over a linked date to see the test name.

  2. Click the linked date of the test to view detailed test results such as scores and mastery for the students to whom the test is assigned. The Classroom Test Reports page appears.

A dash displays in place of a percent score if:

Manual scoring: An icon next to the test date indicates the test contains items that need to be scored by the teacher.

To manually score test responses:

Graphing: Use this function to quickly see a student's progress on different tests. It also shows overall class performance.

To graph a student's test scores:

  1. In the Student Name section, locate the student.

  2. Move your mouse horizontally across the row to the end of the Tests by date assigned section.

  3. Click Graph. The test score graph for the selected student appears. The Test Names and Percentages are listed.

To graph test scores for a specific test:

  1. In the Tests by date assigned section, locate the linked test date in a column header.

  2. Move your mouse vertically through to the end of the column.

  3. Click Graph. The graph for the selected test appears. The Student Names and Percentages are listed.

Tests Assignments Legend

In the Test assignment legend section, each test assignment is shown in descending order by date.

To view a test with answers:

  1. Select the test for which you want to see details.

  2. Click View test with answers. The Test with Answers report page appears.

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