Classroom Test Reports - Mastery

The Class Mastery report shows how your students are performing on assessed standards and skills.

In many cases, you can view mastery based on the product skills or your state standards. The default view used by SuccessNet is by product skills, but you can change the mastery view to state standards.

To select a different view:

If you chose to view by state standard, your report contains a column for each state standard that is aligned to the skills that were previously displayed. Each product’s skills are aligned to state standards.  

The Class Mastery Report contains two main areas:

Student Name

In the Student Name column, the names of all students currently enrolled in the selected class are listed.

In the % Mastered column, the percent of mastery for assessed skills or standards is listed for each student.

Separate columns show how each student performed on an individual standard or skill. Use the Legend to identify the level of mastery for each skill or standard.

To view a student’s progress report:

Success Tracker Products Only: Depending on the option you select in the View by list, all skills or standards assessed in teacher-made assignments are included in the mastery for the selected class or group. In the Mastery for this class area, each skill has its own column. Mastery is based on the most recent assessment.

Mastery for this class

Each standard or skill is shown in the Mastery for this class area, as well as the percentage and count of students who have mastered the standard or skill.

% of students mastered: This column displays the percent of skills or standards mastered out of the total skills or standards in the columns to the right.

Teaching Tips and Prescriptions: Also included in the Mastery for this class section are links to teaching tips and prescriptions if the skill or standard is aligned to one or both of these.

To view teaching tips:

To view prescriptions:

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