Student Progress Report - Hide Activities

The Student Progress page displays the student name, class or group name, teacher name and assignment name. You can display assignments only or assignments and activities. A Delete Assignments link is located in the upper right corner.

To hide activities:

Tests and Assignments

In the Assignment Name column, all student assignments assigned by both the system and teachers are listed.

Tests are displayed in a bold font style; retests are displayed in bold and italic font style. If a test assignment is completed, a View results link displays, as well as each skill assessed on the test.


If a skill or standard is aligned to a prescription , a link is available to view the prescription.

To view prescriptions:


If the test assignment is complete, the student's percent score on the test displays in the Score column.  

In addition to seeing the score, the report also indicates which skills were mastered and which need more work.


The Status column displays the current status of each assignment as complete, not started, or in progress.

Saving reports

You can save a report for future use and print it at a later time.

To save a report:

  1. In the print format list, select the format you want to use for the saved report.

  2. Click Save to save the report in Excel format.

To print a report:

To close the Student Progress report:

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