Classroom Test Reports

The Classroom Test Reports page shows the class or group name, test name and date, number of questions, total number of points, each student who is assigned the test, mastery results, and a description of each standard or skill that was assessed.

The following legend is available:

This report contains the following main sections:

Student Name

The names of all students who were assigned the test are listed in the Student Name column. For each student, the earned percentage, the number of correct answers, and the number of possible points display.

To view a Student’s Test Responses report:

Mastery Results

Each assessed skill or standard has its own column.

Mastery for [test name]

Each assessed skill or standard in the Mastery Results table is also listed in the Mastery for [test name] section of the report.

In addition, links to teaching tips and prescriptions are available for each assessed skill or standard, if they are included in the product you are using.

To view teaching tips for a skill or standard:

To view prescriptions for a skill or standard:

To close the report:

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