Reports Overview

Reports can be used by both administrators and teachers to track a student's progress.

To open reports:


On your top navigation menu, click Reports. Select the desired report.

Top Navigation Services for Teachers

The following reports are available for teachers:

Top Navigation Services for Administrators

The following classroom assessment reports are available for administrators:

Getting Started using Reports

The first steps you must complete before accessing report information is selecting your school, teacher, or other parameters.

How Reports are Organized

Reports are organized using tabs. For example, the Classroom Test Results reports are displayed within a Test Scores tab and a Mastery tab. Click Test Scores to view test scores and other specific test details. Click Mastery to view a summary of standard or skill mastery across all tests assigned to the selected class.

Getting Started using Reports

Often the first steps you must complete before accessing report information is selecting your class or group. If you are associated with only one class or group, SuccessNet automatically does this for you.

To select a different class or group:

Mastery Legend

Reports that measure mastery contain a Mastery Legend indicating the level of mastery achieved by student, by test, or by skill or standard.

Manual Scoring

Some test questions require manual scoring. An next to the test date indicates the test contains items that you must score.

To score a test that needs manual scoring:

Saving and Printing Reports

Most reports can be saved or printed at a later time. You can save the reports in either PDF format or Microsoft Excel. Some reports include both formatting choices.

To save a report:

  1. In the format list, select a format.

  2. Click Save.

To print a report:

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